Hello everyone!  My name is Mel and I am an extrovert with introverted hobbies.  I enjoy reading, running, knitting, and anything outdoors.  I am passionate about reading and sharing my love of books with my friends.  I have been on a path of self improvement over the last few years, with intentions to be more confident in myself, reduce my anxiety, and be more present.  Part of that path has been creating this blog to share the books that I am reading and connect with fellow book lovers. 


My favorite genres are thrillers, true crime, literary fiction, and memoirs, but I am using this platform to get outside of my reading comfort zone and expand my horizons.  I am a mood reader and only read and review books that I am truly interested in, regardless of if they are a new release or a backlist book.  I live in the Midwest and love to get outdoors.  My pictures are not filtered and I take advantage of Mother Nature and natural sunlight.  I try to live my life authentically and I want my pictures and writing to reflect that. 

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Rating System

5 Star

Absolutely loved it-cannot get it off my mind-writing is beautiful-I want to scream it from the rooftops that everyone should read this book and I am immediately adding it to my personal collection.

4.5 Star

Loved it-characters were well developed and the story line was fabulous-will stick with me for awhile-enjoyed it, but I do not feel the urge to purchase it for my shelves.

4 Star

Really enjoyed it-interesting story line-good character development-thought provoking, but will not stick with me for long-recommend it, but not one you need to bust the doors down at the library to get.

3.5 Star

Decent read-kept me wanting to continue to see how the story ends-not the worst, but not the best-characters and/or story line have some gaps and/or are undeveloped.

3 Star

Alright-if you do not read this, you will not be missing out on much-finished it, but struggled at times-lacking something major.


If anything is less than 3 stars, there is a good chance that I did not finish it and therefore, do not recommend it.


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