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Hello everyone!  My name is Mel and I am an extrovert with introverted hobbies.  I enjoy reading, running, knitting, and anything outdoors.  I am passionate about reading and sharing my love of books with my friends.  I have been on a path of self improvement over the last few years, with intentions to be more confident in myself, reduce my anxiety, and be more present.  Part of that path has been creating this blog to share the books that I am reading and connect with fellow book lovers. 


My favorite genres are thrillers, true crime, literary fiction, and memoirs, but I am using this platform to get outside of my reading comfort zone and expand my horizons.  I am a mood reader and only read and review books that I am truly interested in, regardless of if they are a new release or a backlist book.  I live in the Midwest and love to get outdoors.  I love to take advantage of Mother Nature and natural sunlight when creating content, as opposed to ultra-filtered and edited photos we are used to seeing on the internet.  I try to live my life authentically and I want my pictures and writing to reflect that. 

Reviews are posted here and on Goodreads

You can purchase any of the books I read and review on!


(If you are interested in a collaboration, please check out my collab page for more info.)

I do freelance writing on the side and am always open to talking about potential work. You can check out my Contently profile for more info.

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