January 2020:

I have had a burning desire deep inside me to write my story.  I question if it is worth telling and if anyone will even care to read it.  Memoirs are one of my favorite genres to read and everytime I read a memoir by a strong woman who overcame hardships and adversity I think to myself, "why don't I try this?"  Last fall I started throwing words on paper to see what stuck.  The writing is as disjointed as my memories.  I found a stack of childhood journals that I stashed away, long forgotten in a back corner of our storage room.  Cracking them open, I took a deep breath and dove in.  I highlighted the hard parts that I remembered and skimmed past the rest.  But, I realized that the parts I skimmed are part of me and, along with the hard parts, they tell my complete story.

I am not sure how this will look and when I will even be done with a rough draft, but one of my life goals is to write a book and share my story.  It is one that I think more people can relate to than I can even imagine.  It is also one that is incredibly hard for me to share, but through therapy I have found that sharing promotes healing.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but hey, I do that every time I want to accomplish something.  The last few years I have been living with the mantra, "if it takes you out of your comfort zone, it is worth doing."

Here's to words on paper that somehow form the convoluted story that is me!


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