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The new year is upon us and I am excited for a new year!  I love getting a fresh planner, ready to be filled in, making vision boards with my best friend, reflecting on the past year's goals and setting new goals for the next year.  I have a few book goals, including buy less-borrow more, read what I have on my shelves, and focus on what I WANT to read, not what I FEEL like I should read.  Do you have any 2020 goals?  Book related or non-book related, I would love to hear them!

February/March check in: Are you keeping to your goals?  I for one, have lagged.  I would like to blame the fact that it's the 900th month of winter, but deep down I know I am not being accountable with myself. It can be easy as a book blogger to get wrapped up in social media and the QUANTITY of books you read, vs. reading intentionally and focusing on QUALITY.  As a two month check in, I am here to say, slow down! Put the phone down!  Log off social media. Read WHAT you want.  Read WHEN you want.

What book(s) should I prioritize first?  Let me know in the comments below or find me on Instagram @mynightsbooked #mynightsbooked


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