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30-day Digital Declutter: Let the declutter begin!

I am doing it! December will be a month of cleansing the technology impulses from my system. It starts tomorrow and I am needing this refresher. I am looking forward to breaking the habit of constantly reaching for my phone, as well as gaining the time back in my life that I waste scrolling mindlessly on apps.

My first step is to delete all of the apps on my phone that are not essential. I am also going to go through my personal and blog emails to unsubscribe and clean up what emails I receive. This will be the initial cleanup that will help eliminate the temptation to constantly check my phone. Not only will this give my technology a declutter, it will also help my anxious mind. I am ready for a fresh start!

Cell phone before/after:

I deleted apps off my phone that I deemed non-essential. These are apps that I do not absolutely need for one reason or another. The only apps I really feel that way are: Google Maps (because I'm directly challenged) and the Fitbit app (I rarely go on this, but I wear my Fitbit religiously and need the app for occasional updates.) Otherwise, I said "ta ta" to social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, shopping apps like Amazon, Wayfair, and Target, kids apps and games (my kids will kill me, but hey, they will survive!), and apps like Yelp, Door Dash, and OpenTable (that is what a desktop computer is for.) All of these things I can access from a computer IF I need them. I have a feeling that as the month progresses, I will realize I don't really need them after all.

I am digging my new dialed down screen! Everything fits on the first page, no scrolling multiple pages. Talk about digital minimalism!

Email before/after:

I started with over 2,000 emails in my personal email and 100 in my blog email. Who has time to actually read that many emails?! Not me.... The majority of these were junk mail with maybe 5-10% being emails I even want to read. Most of these emails were trying to sell me something....if I want to buy something, I'd rather do it on my own time than get an email daily about the next big sale. I had emails from places where I have no idea how I even got subscribed to their site! (How the heck did these businesses even get my email?!) It did feel really good to go through and clean up my inbox. I also created some sub folders in my blog email to keep publisher contacts organized. You know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness ;)

Whew, that felt cathartic! Let's do this!

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