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A Ladder to the Sky

Well, this was a devilishly fun read! Boyne has such a skill with writing witty, snarky, and self deprecating dialogue, which is one of the reasons he is one of my favorite authors. A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne stars one of the most hated protagonists of all time, Maurice Swift. Maurice Swift is a handsome, sexually ambiguous budding writer, who might be a narcissistic sociopath. He does whatever he can to get ahead in the literary world, even if that means ripping off plotlines and leaving a few bodies in his wake. Swift climbs the literary ladder and as the saying goes, the climb is seemingly never ending and the higher he gets, the harder the fall.

This book was AMAZING. I was immediately drawn into Swift's story and I loved to hate him. The banter between him and the other characters, as well as the cut throat antics that he did to get his name recognized in the publishing world did not cease to surprise me. No spoilers, but the ending was SO fitting. I finished this book with a laugh and so many amazing one-liners. (You bet I am going to use one of Boyne's phrases "prefers the grain over the grape" next time I'm out for happy hour..) A Ladder to the Sky is simply an enjoyable, well written read. Boyne is a master talent and this book, along with his hit The Heart's Invisible Furies are books that are in my top favorites of all time. He has a way with creating these incredible characters that you can't help liking and plot lines that suck you in from the first chapter. I wish I could erase my memory and read these books again! I am seriously envious of those of you who will be reading these books for the first time.

If you enjoyed The Heart's Invisible Furies, you are guaranteed to love A Ladder to the Sky. If you enjoy books that are a mix of character and plot driven and have characters you will simultaneously despise and weirdly like, add this one to your list.

Happy reading!


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