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Beyond the Point

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson is a contemporary fiction novel with a character driven plot. Three young women from different backgrounds find themselves choosing West Point as their college of choice. They each choose West Point for their own reasons, but end up finding meaningful friendships with each other. Dani, Hannah, and Avery are all strong willed girls, with a desire to play competitive basketball and the drive to discover who they truly are, but each of them could not be more different. They form strong friendships that weather after they graduate from "The Point," but their story shows the strength that can be found in authentic female friendships and uncovers some of the truths behind women in the military.

This book intimidated me with it's size. Well over 500 pages, I had this one sitting on my shelf for awhile, but decided to finally crack it open. For being such a long book, it reads incredibly fast. I found myself connecting with Dani, Hannah, and Avery in different ways and loved learning how their lives evolved after graduating from West Point. They each had very different stories, but I loved how they came together during tough times in each other's lives. Each chapter changed to a different character's perspective and filled in more of each story. It is a story of true friendship, the nuances of life, and how unglamorous and downright difficult the military can be on the people who enlist and their family members.

I love a good character driven novels and I felt like Gibson did a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. I really felt connected to each of these women and wanted to follow through with their stories. This is not a plot driven book, therefore, there is not this build up to something big that happens. Beyond the Point is more realistic about life at West Point and life in the military, not a dramatized version.

I gave Beyond the Point by Claire Gibson ★★★★. This was a great winter read and I enjoyed getting lost in each character's story. I highly recommend if you enjoy contemporary fiction, but there are some emotional parts that brought me to tears. I felt pretty invested in each character and found myself emotional during parts of their stories.

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