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Book club [August 2019]

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I cannot believe it is already August! As always, the summer is flying by. I am excited to post about the two options for August's Random Readers Book Club. I have been on a memoir kick and these are two that have been sitting on my TBR list for awhile. Both of them have gotten rave reviews and they are stories of women that have overcome hardships, which I personally love and relate to. Casts your vote and click on the title links to purchase a copy directly from Amazon. I cannot wait for this month's discussion!

Below are the August 2019 RRBC choices.

Genre: Memoir


Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan


When twenty-four-year-old Susannah Cahalan woke up alone in a hospital room, strapped to her bed and unable to move or speak, she had no memory of how she’d gotten there. Days earlier, she had been on the threshold of a new, adult life: at the beginning of her first serious relationship and a promising career at a major New York newspaper. Now she was labeled violent, psychotic, a flight risk. What happened? In a swift and breathtaking narrative, Cahalan tells the astonishing true story of her descent into madness, her family’s inspiring faith in her, and the lifesaving diagnosis that nearly didn’t happen.

Topics: mental health

The Liars' Club by Mary Karr


Karr's comic childhood in an east Texas oil town brings us characters as darkly hilarious as any of J. D. Salinger's—a hard-drinking daddy, a sister who can talk down the sheriff at twelve, and an oft-married mother whose accumulated secrets threaten to destroy them all.

Topics: family dynamics, alcoholism, neglect Vote in the comments below or on Instagram @mynightsbooked

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