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Book cover judging

Forewarning: I am getting a bit petty here.

I would love to say that I base my reading off anything other than superficial eye candy, but the truth is, a beautiful cover draws me in. The past few years, publishers have been putting out some truly stunning covers. Favorites of mine include florals, nature views and abstracts with vibrant colors.

On the flip side, a bad (IMO) cover can turn me off from even picking a book off the shelf to read its synopsis. Yes, I realize this superficial habit probably keeps me from reading some amazing books and I try my best to get outside of my comfort zone, but there are certain types of covers that immediately turn me off. The number one being what seems to be a common theme in historical fiction novels, the "woman facing away." I cannot stand it. What is it with this type of book cover?! Who came up with this and why is it so damn popular with women's historical fiction? Why is the woman looking away? Why does it seem like it's the same woman for every damn WWII novel that is out there? WHAT IS SHE LOOKING AT?

And I know, I know. I am being petty, but I simply can't do it. This cover theme irks me to the point where I refuse to read them. I won't say I will never read a book with this type of cover, but it for sure turns me off a bit.

I speak for myself, but I'm over this book cover trend....

My question for you bookworm friends, do you judge a book by its cover?

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