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Book Thrifting 101


One of my favorite things to do is find a good deal. I love everything about it. The excitement of finding not only what you were searching for, but also at an incredible price. I am one of those people where if you compliment me on something, I will almost always respond with, "Thanks, I got it at XYZ on sale." I wear my sale finds like a badge of honor and proudly shine it for display.

I have my own mini library forming in my home, but many of the books I own I paid pennies for. How? Thrifting! I love scouring thrift stores like Goodwill, the used book section of my local public library, and garage/yard sales for books. There is something incredibly thrilling about finding a book you have on your #tbr, after digging through the stacks. There is an art to it and one quality that you must exhibit: patience. If you are not patient, know what you are looking for, and do not care about finding a good deal, then I highly recommend you opt for a local bookstore (which I occasionally do.) But if you are in the mood to rummage, have no expectations, and some time to kill, try checking out your local thrift stores for your next great read.

Here are some tips for Book Thrifting 101:

  1. Be prepared to rummage. That being said, give yourself plenty of time so you don't feel rushed and go thrifting on a day where you are in the mood to dig around.

  2. Leave the kids at home. Few things are more difficult than shopping with children....let's just keep it at that.

  3. Look twice. I always scan the shelves twice. I find that I often miss those hidden gems on my first go around. I would reason to say that most times I find the books I end up purchasing on my second time through the stacks. What's that old saying in construction? Measure twice, cut once? I think this could apply here? :)

  4. Patience is a virtue. Similar to number one, go when you are not rushed and have no expectations or time limit. Patience is needed if you want to dig through a bunch of duds to find that book you have always wanted to read.

  5. Brag about your haul! Did you really get a good deal if you don't tell everyone about it? I think not. Brag away!

Tell me, what was your best book deal or find?

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