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Books & Wine (collab)

I did not have to think twice when Wine Insiders reached out about collaborating. Books & wine and one of my favorite pairings. I look forward to the evening when I can pour myself a delicious glass of wine and curl up with my #currentread.

I recently received 6 expertly curated bottles of wine on my doorstep. I went for the mix of red and whites and was pleasantly surprised to find a professional waiter's corkscrew in my package. I dove into the whites first and went for my standard go-to summer wine: Sauvignon Blanc. It was delicious, light and the perfect hint of pear and grapefruit. Next up was a glass of the Pinot Noir, which blew me away. I never buy Pinot Noir and now I am officially a fan. The Chardonnay was buttery and surprisingly light for a chard and the Zinfandel was smooth and perfect for a cool evening snuggled up on the couch.

I was blown away by all of the wines I received, and the best part was it was shipped directly to my doorstep within a few days. Wine Insiders has it down with their service. They offer unique and delicious wines without the large markups you see at your liquor and wine shops. They will introduce you to new wines that will blow you away. And who doesn't love getting fun mail? I would say "wine mail" ranks up there with my love of "book mail."

Now comes the hard part, will you go for red, white or mix of both?

Click here for a $75 voucher for a specially curated 6-bottle set with a professional waiter's corkscrew, plus free shipping!

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