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Cover Story

Spoiler: I loved Cover Story.

A book that is marketed as a cross between Catch Me If You Can and Inventing Anna? I. AM. SOLD. Not only does Cover Story have the perfect cover with a 70's vibe, but it also has an interesting plotline told in a diary excerpt format, along with social media snippets, text exchanges and newspaper headlines. I devoured this one in a weekend. It has been a long time since I finished a book in such a short span of time (I honestly think No Exit by Taylor Adams was my last 48 hour read.) If you are looking for a fun summer/beach read, look no further than Cover Story by Susan Rigetti.


Aspiring writer Lora Ricci lands her dream internship at ELLE, where she meets the fabulous Cat Wolff. Cat is a contributing editor for ELLE and is a glamorous Austrian heiress who lives a life of extravagance in the Plaza Hotel. Lora works on a job assignment with Cat and a friendship blossoms. Soon, Cat has taken Lora under her wing, but Cat's facade begins to crack and soon Lora's world crumbles down as Cat's con artist life comes to light.

Mel's Thoughts:

I cannot emphasis enough how much fun this book was to read. The format is genius and kept me entertained, plus I could easily read it with the kids around because it didn't require much attention span or brain power. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I read part of this book while lying on the ground and letting Silas crawl all over me. I just held my book up above my head and read in between diaper butts and baby feet being shoved in my face.

I agree with the comparison of Cover Story to movies like Catch Me If You Can and Netflix shows like Inventing Anna. Cat Wolff had some Anna-esque qualities (German/Austrian heiress with Russian ties, scamming those around her for money, living in a luxurious New York City hotel) but I was ok with that. It did not turn me off from the book and made it a bit easier to imagine happening for real. I love books set in New York City and have elements of socialites and extravagant NYC life. I like to think that in another life my Wisconsin country bumpkin butt would have moved to NYC after high school to attend NYU or Columbia, live in a shoebox sized apartment, ate pizza at 3am and casually walked through Central Park. (A girl can dream...)

Cover Story is the perfect book for easy breezy summer reading. I could see this one pairing nicely with a cold glass of champagne or prosecco and a little patio or beach reading. Cheers!


4.5 stars

Favorite Quote:

"I'll let you in on one of life's little secrets: most people are so caught up in their own internal drama and so worried about their own problems, they rarely pay attention to anyone or anything else for very long."

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