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Daring Greatly

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Brene Brown is a genius. I wish I could memorize every word in this book and repeat it back to myself as daily mantras. Her advice and wisdom is tangible and relatable. Brown specializes in the study of shame. When I first heard this, I did not understand it at all. What the heck is shame? And how can you make an entire career studying it? Little did I know, shame is a HUGE topic and something that I, myself, experience on an almost daily basis. Reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown opened my eyes to some of my life experiences and how my mind works because of them. I realized I experienced shame as a child and continually shame myself as an adult. I also realized I feared vulnerability and never knew how to be completely vulnerable. Months ago, my therapist recommended that I listen to one of Brown's Ted Talks and check out her books. I was hesitant and now realize that at that time, I was not ready to receive the message. I am glad I waited until I was open and ready, because I was able to get a lot out of Daring Greatly.

Daring Greatly is an eye opening book that you will want to read with a pen and paper in the other hand. I think I got a hand cramp from taking so many notes as I read! After reading this, I am officially obsessed with Brene Brown. I recently ordered Dare to Lead, which focuses on how to be vulnerable as a leader. Leadership is much more than a job title, it is taking the time to notice what others are capable, helping them cultivate their skill, and admitting you do not know all the answers. I have been dabbling in management books lately and I am excited to add this one to my list.

Overall, I gave Daring Greatly ★★★★.5 and thought it was a well written and tactful personal development book. After reading it, I had tactical advice that I implemented almost immediately. The last section focused on parenting, which was one of my favorite sections. I listed to Brown's book, The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting, which covered these topics more indepth, but was able to get some good pointers out of it. After I finished Daring Greatly, I just felt refreshed. She has advice for anyone, from any walk of life. Almost all of us can connect to her thoughts on vulnerability and I am sure you will get something out of this book.

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