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Darling Rose Gold

This book is crazy vs. crazier. Rose Gold's mother, Patty, goes to jail for poisoning her daughter and faking her illnesses. While Patty serves her sentence, Rose Gold plots her revenge. Darling Rose Gold is inspired by the true story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Blanchard and Munchausen by Proxy syndrome. The premise drew me in because Munchausen by Proxy has always fascinated me in a morbid way. While this one covered heavy and dark topics, it scratched the surface and did not delve deep enough to be a stand out psychological thriller.

Told from alternating perspectives between Rose Gold and Patty, the story begins when Patty is released from prison. Parts of Rose Gold's story flashes back to the years when her mother was behind bars and unfurls what is currently taking place with their dynamic.

I found that the story was "light" for being about such heavy topics, which made it read quickly. But it lacked the depth I look for in a psychological thriller. If you are new to this genre, this one is for you. But if you are a seasoned thriller reader, you will find the story predictable and the ending a bit flat. Both of the protagonists are completely unlikable. The first 1/4th of the book had Rose Gold as a victim, but she gradually became a character you hate.

Darling Rose Gold has mixed reviews and after reading it, I understand why. Interesting premise, but missed the mark on the execution.

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