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Fourth Wing

Better late than never!

Here are my thoughts on the hottest book on #bookstagram since ACOTAR.

Holy, moly, this book is on fire. I swear my #bookstagram feed has been flooded with this book, which is exactly why I was influenced to pick up a copy. Fantasy is not my typical genre, but then again, I loved binge watching Game of Thrones, read the Twilight and Hunger Games series as a young adult, and remember being transfixed with Harry Potter as a kid. So maybe I do like fantasy?

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is a fantasy novel set in a world with dragons, familial duty and death around every corner. We have our bookish young heroine, Violet Sorrengail, who was meant to enter a quiet life in the Scribe Quadrant, but now finds herself being pushed by her commanding general mother to be in the Rider Quadrant. (A.K.A. whatever mom says, goes) Violet fights tooth and *claw* to become a rider, but has her fair share of adversity, between her smaller, brittle frame, her mother and older sister with impossibly high standards to live up to and a captain who may have had something to do with the murder of her brother, who may or may not want to murder her as well. There’s a lot going on and with the added risk of death looming around every corner when it comes to rider training, Violet has her work cut out for her.

For a fantasy novel, Fourth Wing was relatively easy to get into with minimal world building, which is usually what detracts me from fantasy. It felt like a mix of Divergent, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. Set in a dystopian world where dragons reign, people have their place, and each country has their own agenda. Violet reminded me in many ways of Katniss-fighting to keep her place in the world while having everything against her. Even her friend/potential love interest, Dain, reminded me of Gail, while her slow burn enemy to love, Xaden, reminded me of Peeta.

I can see why people like this one. It is action packed, easy to get into and imagine in your head, we have a likable female protagonist who kicks ass, and a steamy love interest that smolders off the pages. PLUS, DRAGONS.

I admit it, I fell into the hype, and I liked it. Fourth Wing wasn’t a five star for me, but I’m also stingy with five stars. I read this one a few weeks ago and I’m already forgetting some of the plotline, which holds me back from more than a four-star rating. A pretty solid four-star rating.

Will I read the sequel?

I'm sure.

Will I run out to buy it on pub day?

Naw. This will be a library hold for me.

My consensus: I liked it, but I do think it is a bit overhyped.

And WHY ARE PEOPLE PAYING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FOR THIS BOOK?! It is currently backordered online and sold out in stores across the nation, therefore people are willing to shell out major coin if you have a copy you are willing to sell. Supply and demand, people. Supply and demand.

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