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I DNF two books this week & I am okay with it.

I've been a bad, bad girl....

I've been careless, with DNF booooks.

Ok, 90's babies, you better know what song that is from. And before your mind goes to the gutter, I am referring to the ultimate bookworm debate: DNF a.k.a. Did not finish a book.

Before I started my book blog and IG account, not finishing a book was completely unheard of to me. Are you telling me *gasp* people actually stop reading books when they are no longer engaged?! I never knew DNF (Did not finish) was an option, so I would suffer through subpar books, dutifully keeping them on my nightstand for the off change I felt in the mood to pick them back up. Maybe (keyword "maybe") I would finish them six months to a year later, but that book always stared me down, begging me to pick it back up.

Fast forward a couple of years and I am a much wiser #bookworm. I have written a past blog post about my DNF process and when I decide to throw in the towel (link below.) But the key to it is not shaming yourself if you don't finish a book. There are so many books out there, why keep reading one that isn't for you? And if you do decide to put it down, that is OKAY. I'm telling you now and giving you total permission to DNF a book you don't care for. Put it down and don't look back. Grab something new and give it a go. Maybe the next one will do the trick.

This week, I DNF two books for two very different reasons. Here was my thought process that went into it:

Piranesi by Susanna Clark: I wanted to get into this one, but I made it about 60 pages and it wasn't holding my attention. I truly think this is because I am a mood reader and my mental capacity to read a fantasy genre book with world building is just not there right now. I am putting this one in the DNF category for now, but may pick it up down the road. Fantasy is a new to me genre and I am still on the fence if it is for me.

The Hunting Wives by May Cobb (new release out 5/18/2021): Now this one....I just can't.....the poor writing...the problematic content of middle aged women SLEEPING WITH TEENAGE BOYS. I started the digital galley and made it 35% in before I threw in the towel. I went a bit savage on my Goodreads review, so if you are curious, check it out here.

What was the last book you DNF? Comment below.

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