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Invisible Girl

Thank you Atria Books @atriabooks for the gifted copy of Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell, in exchange for an honest review! #partner

Lisa Jewell is a go to author for me when I am in the mood for a broody, English thriller that keeps me turning the pages. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Invisible Girl from my friends at Atria Books and after finishing a heavy novel, I decided now was the time to crack this baby open. Set in a seemingly safe English neighborhood, random acts of violence are happening to women and the assailant is still unknown. Owen Pick lives near where the attacks are happening, but he is too busy watching his life fall apart. Across the street from Owen, lives the Fours family. Mom Cate is the family matriarch who tries to hold everything together, while her husband Roan spends most of his days either in his office counseling children or running the neighborhood in Lycra spandex. Cate has a weird feeling about Owen and suspects he may have involvement in the recent crime spree. Meanwhile, Saffyre Maddox used to be a patient of Roan, but after he discharged her, she can't seem to fully let him go and begins tracking his movements. All of this makes for one bizarre thriller.

Each chapter alternates between character perspectives and in true Lisa Jewell style, the more you read the more the stories intertwine. Her writing seems to bring you on a journey, but for every answer you get, you have even more questions. I thought Invisible Girl was a good departure from her last novel, The Family Upstairs, as it covered different themes, such as sexual assault, chauvinism, incel communities, therapist/patient relationships and mental health.

While this one kept me turning the pages, the ending didn't blow me away. I will just leave it at that. I am not sure if I am burnt out on thrillers and hard to impress these days, but I feel like my standards are high when it comes to this genre. The twists were good and not very predictable, so this one ranks in the 3.5 to 4 star range for me. When it comes to Lisa Jewell, Then She Was Gone still ranks number one for me and I can't help but compare.

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