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My Night's Booked Merch!

My Etsy shop is officially open and I could not be more excited. My Night's Booked merch went live this past Sunday and words cannot describe how excited I was to get my first sale.

I was looking for something fun and creative to do during maternity leave. Something to get me through the newborn fog of endless nursing, dirty diapers, and crying...lots of crying. I basically live in vintage band t-shirts (think Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, the way, I actually DO listen to that music and owned several band T's as a teenager and I am kicking myself for having got rid of them since then.) I combined my love of comfy vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts and reading to make my Etsy shop.

There is something for everyone, including baby. When Silas was born, I scoured the internet for cute and funny baby onesies with a bookish flare. I could not find anything that wasn't extremely cheesy, so I decided to make my own! I have plenty more design ideas brewing and there will be more to come, including holiday sales for gifting season. Keep your eyes peeled.

Click this link to check out my store and let me know what you think.

Happy shopping!


My Nights Booked by mynightsbooked on Etsy

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