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New Year, Same You.

I am sure you have heard the saying, "new year, new you" but what about "new year, same you"? I'm all about personal development, but am also realistic that I cannot put tons of pressure on myself at the beginning of a new year and expect to keep that momentum going all year. I try and focus on attainable goals, as well as intentions and affirmations. New Year's resolutions seem daunting to me, so I do things like journal prompts, create a vision board, and set a few attainable goals at the new year.

I love doing self-reflection, therefore, I regularly do a self-reflection at the turn of a new year and set intentions and goals throughout the year. There is something about the start of a new year that feels fresh and inviting, a chance to start a new and put the past behind. Intentions and affirmations are also great because they are easier to focus on than a lofty goal.

Below are some of my goals and intentions going into 2022, both with myself, those around me and my bookish goals. An Instagram account that I absolutely love is @wetheurban. We The Urban is a Black-owned IG account, celebrating inclusivity, self-love, & marginalized voices that posts intentions, affirmations and inspiring quotes. I often re-share them in my IG stores, as well as save and write in my journal.


  • I will be present.

  • I will be mindful with my words, actions and thoughts.

  • I will treat myself with compassion and grace.

  • I will take care of myself before taking care of others.

  • I will let those I love know how I feel about them.

  • I will practice gratitude daily.

  • I will be content with what I have, rather than focus on what I want.

  • I will be impeccable with my word.

  • I will not make assumptions.

  • I will be kind and patient with myself and others.

  • I will love and accept myself.


  • Run a race.

  • Create a regular yoga and mindfulness practice.

  • Spend less, save more.

  • Reduce screen time and social media usage. (This is a constant goal of mine.)

  • Consume less; compost, recycle, use what we have, be resourceful and mostly, BE CONTENT with what we have.

  • Continue educating myself on anti-racism and how to be a better ally and advocate.

  • Continue educating myself on parenting techniques, as well as ADHD and autism so I can better support my children.

Bookish Goals:

  • Read more #backlist books. (Keep your eyes peeled this year for a Backlist Book Club hosted by yours truly.)

  • Continue growing my IG account @mynightsbooked with more book review and book recommendation content.

  • Buy less, borrow more. (My library re-opens tomorrow after a four month closure due to storm damage-yippee!)

  • Grow Etsy shop with new designs and merchandise.

What are your goals and intentions going into the new year?

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