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No Exit

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

After I finished the cutesy sweetness that is The Proposal, I was craving something heart pounding and captivating.  No Exit by Taylor Adams scratched that itch.  The book is set during a blizzard in the Colorado Rockies.  Darby Thorne, a local college student, is on her way to visit her ill mother, when she pulls off at a rest stop to wait out the storm.  Darby meets a few other strangers who are in the same predicament as her.  While outside, trying to get a cell phone signal, Darby discovers that one of the vehicles parked outside has a young girl, kidnapped inside.  Darby does not know whose vehicle it is and who among the people inside is a kidnapper.

No Exit is a fast paced thriller with twists and turns in every chapter.  I honestly thought this book would be a great premises for a horror film.  It felt like watching a movie while I was reading it.  There are definitely parts where it seems like Taylor Adams is stretching reality a bit, but I also think that is to be expected when you read a book in this genre.  I thought that made it more fun to read.  There are some parts that are a bit graphic and my mouth was gaping when I read them, but as long you have the stomach for it, it really adds to the story.  Darby is one strong woman and I love a book with a solid female lead.

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