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Regretting You

Colleen Hoover has somewhat of a cult-like following in the book world. People just love her and books like Verity are constantly recommended. I read Verity a few years back and enjoyed it but haven't picked up any of her other books because I was under the impression, they were mushy, gushy romance reads. (If you know me, you know that is not my style....) Some CoHo fans whose recommendations I trust encouraged me to give her other books a try. I started with Regretting You on a complete whim. While this book didn't blow me away, it kept my attention and was a great palate cleanser after reading back to back true crime books.


Morgan and Clara are mother and daughter, but they are polar opposites. Morgan wants to protect Clara from making the same mistakes she did; getting pregnant at a young age, settling down to build a family rather than pursue her dreams. Tragically, Morgan's husband, Clara's father, Chris dies in a tragic car accident that unearths some heavy secrets that cause Morgan and Clara to clash even more. As time goes on, they grow farther apart and the secrets between them grow.

Mel's Thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by some of the heavy themes Hoover covered in Regretting You, such as infidelity, complex mother/daughter relationships, young love, death and grief. These elements brought a context to the story that I enjoyed and added some depth to the characters. At times, the characters did read a little YA, but I reminded myself that part of the book was from the inner workings of a teenage girls head. But I even felt that way with Morgan at times.

This book is one where so much could have been solved early on if the main characters would have TALKED. There is something about that trope that just bothers me. It's not for me. I get too frustrated with the lack of communication that it prevents me from fully enjoying the book. It wasn't enough to make me dislike the book or stop me from reading, because I wanted to see how Morgan and Clara's story would end. And, like most people, I love a happy ending, so I was holding out hope for them to come together.

Even with the few complaints I had, this book was exactly what I was looking for. I am a true mood reader at heart and after reading back-to-back true crime books about the Golden State Killer, I needed something to clear my mind. Regretting You did just that. I was wrapped into the story and it was a relatively quick read.

Now for the question you all want the answer to....will I subscribe to CoHo's dedicated following?

Not at this moment. Time will tell.

Will I read more of her books? Sure. (Maybe a few more CoHo's under my belt will have me joining her fandom....)


3.5 stars

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