Setting Boundaries with Social Media

Does this look familiar to you? Books laying unread, writing and journaling put to the side, phone in hand, scrolling and refreshing your social media feed?

It is so easy to get sucked into the dopamine hit that is social media. When I started my blog a year and half ago, the intent was to read more and write book reviews. I discovered the wonderful world of #bookstagram that, while amazing, can suck you right into endless scrolling, constant comparison, and follower and like counting. It is funny that a platform that is all about reading is just the thing that takes you away from it. I have been working on putting my phone down, picking up a book (or journal) instead, and reconnecting with why I started my blog and IG page in the first place.

While I am not a professional at this and each day presents a new challenge, I am a work in progress and these are tips that have worked for me. I treat each day like the new day that it is, so if I slip up and find myself mindlessly scrolling more often than I want to, I don't beat myself up about it, but instead put the phone down and start fresh the next day.

Tips to set Boundaries with Social Media:

Set a time limit.

Instagram is the social media app that I use most frequently, therefore I set a time limit on that particular app. There are days that I ignore the time limit and continue scrolling (see the last tip) and those days I often feel yucky, but I start the next day fresh and work on keeping to the limit.

Delete apps that do not bring you joy.

Scrolling should not feel like work. Social media is an amazing tool, if used correctly. Delete apps that are distracting and not bringing you joy. A couple of years ago, I deleted Facebook off of my phone. I did it for a 30 day digital detox and ended up never looking back. Facebook gave me major anxiety and I found myself constantly comparing myself to others and reading depressing news that popped up on my feed. At first, I worried I would be missing out on something (FOMO is a real thing!) because my college girlfriends and I have a rolling group chat, but guess what? They just texted me instead! And if there was something important, they let me know that way. I also have the option of checking on a computer, but do so less often then when it was readily available on my phone.

Out of sight, out of mind.