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Reading Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh is like watching a wild episode of Criminal Minds. Just when I thought I knew what was going on, Cavanagh threw another twist at me. I was in the mood for a courtroom drama and Thirteen scratched that itch. Thirteen is the third in a series involving bad ass defense attorney Eddie Flynn, but reads like a stand alone. You do not have to have read the first two in the series to understand the characters and plot. I tend to shy away from series because I have commitment issues, so I gravitate towards stand alone books.


From Goodreads and the dust jacket:

"The trial of the century: A famous movie star is accused of murdering his wife in their Manhattan home. Juror Joshua Kane has the best seat in the house-and he killed to be there. Defense lawyer Eddie Flynn believes his client is innocent and the real killer is still out there, but he doesn't just face a ruthless prosecutor and a mountain of evidence-the monster on the jury has his own plans. And he'll kill anyone who stands in his way."

Mel's Thoughts:

For a courtroom thriller, Thirteen does not disappoint. It starts out with a bang and switches perspectives each chapter between the lead defense attorney, Eddie Flynn, and the serial killer, Josh Kane. To say Kane is a psychopath is an understatement. What this guy does to get a seat on the jury is terrifying and had me questioning how anyone was ever going to catch him. I loved the combination of the bad ass defense attorney who plays by his own rules and the uber intelligent serial killer who gets off on the fact that no one is smart enough to catch him. That is, until now!

I recommend this one for fans of courtroom drama and thrillers, such as TV shows like Criminal Minds, Law & Order, and SVU. I would put Steve Cavanagh in the realm of Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Vince Flynn, and James Patterson. I do not like reading these types of books too frequently, but every once in awhile you have to scratch that it and Thirteen does just that.


4 stars

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