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The Best Audiobooks for Walks & Runs, Quarantine Edition

Let's be real. Working from home, alongside my husband, with our 4 year old and 2.5 year old energetic boys is hard as hell. We are making it work by letting go of our daily expectations and switching off when the other has a Skype meeting or conference call. It does not look pretty, but we are making our new normal work.

One thing that is keeping me sane in these crazy times is getting outside and going on walks and runs with my pup. I think he is the only one in our household that is loving quarantine. The guy gets double walks each day! I took him for a three mile run yesterday and put on an audiobook. Listening to audiobooks while you take a walk or go for a run is therapeutic, in my opinion. I feel like I am doing something productive for my mind and my body, plus fresh air feels so good after being stuck inside most of the day.

Below are audiobook suggestions for when you take your "quarantine walks." There is a little something for everyone here: memoirs, nonfiction, self improvement, fiction, thriller. Currently, Scribd is offering 30 days free during the pandemic. Scribd is an amazing book platform and has almost every audio and digital book you can think of. You can sign up for the 30 day trial and you are not obligated to fill out payment info. It is an incredible deal!

Click on any of the Scribd links to sign up today-no credit card required!


Open Book

The Sound of Gravel

Brain on Fire

Hillbilly Elegy


The Only Plane in the Sky

Bad Blood

Author in Chief

Personal Development

Girl, Stop Apologizing


The Year of Less

You're Not Listening

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone


The Dutch House

A Man Called Ove

Daisy Jones and the Six


Then She Was Gone

The Couple Next Door

As always, I am open for any recommendations, so do not hesitate to reach out.

Happy reading!


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