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The Year of the Witching

The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson is the witchy book I didn't know I needed this Halloween season. Handmaid's Tale meets the Salem witch trials, wrapped up with a culty-puritanical town with smash the patriarchy vibes. I loved this book and it was the perfect read for Halloween 2020. (Considering nothing is more terrifying than all that has gone down this year!) The Year of the Witching is a feminist fantasy novel with YA cross over that will keep you entranced under it's spell. (For those that have read this amazing book, peep the picture I took when I first started reading and how perfect the deer skull is in the background. Unintentional Lilith vibes with this one!)


Bethel is a small tucked away town where the religious Prophet controls everything and everyone. Immanuelle was born in sin, according to the Prophet. Her mother was cast out after falling in love with her father, an outsider, and both of her parents died at the hands of the Prophet. Immanuelle tries to follow the rules and abide by the Prophet's word, but finds a darkness inside of her that is itching to come out. When plagues start to ravage Bethel, Immaneulle knows that she must reach within and connect with her darkness in order to save the ones she loves.

Mel's Thoughts:

Love, love, love. Witches, extreme religions, pagan sacrifices, and bibilical type plagues? Count this girl in!

The Year of the Witching is atmospheric, dark, and sinister in all the good ways. Immanuelle is a character you cannot resist but to root for. She tries so hard to follow the rules, yet part of her is beckoning to break free from the mold she is cast into. I find any books to do with extreme religions and cults very appealing, so this one had me hooked from the beginning. The Year of the Witching is the perfect mix of horror, feminism, and social justice and I loved how easily it read and how quickly the story progressed. I highly recommend this one if you are looking to dabble in the horror genre.


5 stars


"People do foolish, reckless things when they're desperate to find ways to escape themselves."

"True Evil...wore the skin of good men. It uttered prayers, not curses. It feigned mercy where there was only malice. It studied Scriptures only to spit out lies."

"To be woman is to be a sacrifice."

Read if you like witchy novels with a strong heroine who uses her dark powers to smash the patriarchy and save her town.

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