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Too Good To Be True

Who doesn't love a good popcorn thriller in the heat of the summer? Too Good to Be True by Carola Lovering was a recent Book of the Month thriller option and after hearing multiple rave reviews from trusted book readers, I reserved a copy from my library to see what all the fuss was about. Too Good to Be True can be summed up as married people acting messy with multiple unreliable narrators and it did not disappoint. It was a fun, fast paced thriller to read and I loved the multiple narrators, diary entries, and dual timelines. This one will keep you guessing up until the bitter end.


Skye Starling instantly accepts her boyfriend, Burke Michaels, proposal after a mere six months of dating. But when you know, you know! Or so she thought...

Burke is not who he portrays to be and the story alternates between Burke and Skye's perspectives, as well as Burke's dark letters to his therapist and a third perspective set thirty years prior. As Skye pursues marrying Burke, soon his secrets come out, but will leave the reader questioning who is telling the truth and what even is the truth.

Mel's Thoughts:

I have been hesitant to go with the BOTM thriller options because I've been burned in the past *cough* The Wives *cough*. But after seeing so many reviews on this one, I had to give it a shot. I am glad I did because this one was a perfect, binge-able thriller that kept my attention. Skye may seem perfect from the outside-she comes from a family with money, she's beautiful, and appears to have it all, but inside she suffers from crippling OCD ever since her mother's death. I loved how the author created a character with a mental health diagnosis and did so in a way that broke down some of the stigma. Burke, on the other hand, I was surprised how my feelings evolved for him throughout this book.

Also, side note: was I the only one that kept reading "Bret Michaels" when I read "Burke Michaels"? Maybe that is just the 80's hair band loving groupie in me. :)

I highly recommend you check out Too Good to Be True if you are in the mood for a fast paced thriller, with similar vibes to The Last Mrs. Parrish and A Stranger on the Beach. Rich, married people acting messy is one of my favorite thriller troupes!

Content warnings: sexual assault scene, negative depictions of mental illness, death of child, death of parent, bigamy/adultery


4 stars

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