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Turn of the Key

Ruth Ware is known as the Agatha Christie of our time and Turn of the Key is a prime example of that. Rowan accepts a live in nanny position for a wealthy family that live in an old mansion, remodeled with high tech features. Think iPads in every room that control everything from the lights to the curtains, to video surveillance and voice over features. While Rowan finds all of these features intriguing, she feels as though her movements are constantly tracked. Rowan cares for three little girls and after less than a week of watching them while their parents are away for work, one of the girls is found dead and Rowan is the main suspect. Turn of the Key is told from Rowan's perspective, as she awaits trial in jail, and is in the form of letters drafted to her attorney.

Turn of the Key is a slow burning mystery that answers all of your questions in the last three pages. I love a good mystery set in sleepy, broody London and Ruth Ware is known for these types of books. This is the second Ruth Ware book I have read and she seems to be an author who is skilled at developing a sense of place. I could picture this house in my mind, with it's mixture of old world charm combined with cold, modern updates. Rowan discovers a "poison garden" on the grounds and learns the history behind the house. This family lost several nannies, some lasting as long as a few days. The house is said to be haunted and Rowan quickly realizes what drove the past nannies out.

This was a well written mystery and kept me entertained until the end. I enjoyed how the story is told from Rowan's perspective, while she is in prison, accused of murdering one of the children she cared for. Each chapter elicits more out of the story and keeps you reading to uncover what happened. Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware is a solid 4/5 star read. I highly recommend it to those who are fans of Agatha Christie style mysteries. This one is the right amount of creepy, without being too scary to keep you up at night. Perfect for those that want to dabble in mysteries, but find thrillers too frightening.

Happy reading!


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