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Venco & Hidden Pictures


Looking for a book with feminist witchy vibes? Check out Venco by Cherie Dimaline.

Thank you Bibliolifestyle and William Morrow Books for the #gifted copy. #partner

When I saw Kirsten Miller, author of The Change, endorsed this book, I knew I needed it. (The Change was a feminist charged five star read for me last year-check it out!)

Venco (a play on the word ‘coven’) is a front company for a group of witches gearing up to find their last few members, while single handedly dismantling the patriarchy. Lucky St James is living with her ailing grandma in Toronto, wondering where her life will go, when she finds a mysterious spoon that sets the trajectory for the story. This book is a fun ride and full of feminism and magic. I really enjoyed the characters and Lucky’s journey as she finds her calling as a witch, meets the coven and embarks on a mission to find the last witch, while avoiding an immortal witch killer from the colonial times. I highly recommend Venco for fans of The Change and Practical Magic and for those with an appreciation for indigenous authors and themes. It’s some good witchy fun and a solid four ⭐️ from me!

Hidden Pictures

Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak was a total #bookstagrammademedoit. Specifically, Dennis @scaredstraightreads made me do it. Immediately, I was sucked in. We have a young nanny, a little boy and some strange, supernatural secrets, as well as some creepy AF drawings, that create quite the mystery.

Mallory Quinn is fresh from rehab and hoping to start a new chapter in her life as a nanny for a wealthy family in an affluent neighborhood of New Jersey. The town seems picture perfect, as does the young boy, Teddy, who Mallory quickly warms up to. Mallory is enjoying her job and her new routine. Teddy is a sweet and shy boy who loves to draw. Some of his pictures seem a bit graphic and mature, which leave Mallory concerned. Soon his drawings escalate into something more and Mallory finds herself in the center of a potential murder mystery and ghost story that might be more real than she thinks.

The story is told with short, captivating chapters, and pages of Teddy’s drawings, that add such a great element. I love how the story progresses and found myself wrapped in, quickly turning the pages to find out what the heck was going on.

If you are in the mood for a thriller/mystery/semi-horror novel with a fast-paced plot and surprising twists, check out Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak. It is extremely bingeable and I was easily able to finish it in a weekend.

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