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You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty

I have come to the conclusion that I will read whatever Akwaeke Emezi publishes. They can do no wrong. Their writing is other worldly, and it is almost a guarantee that I will enjoy whatever they put out (The Death of Vivek Oji was a five-star read for me.) You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi is no exception. This literary romance is full of texture, complexity and messiness. It is a story of love and grief. Not just romantic love, but all the forms love can take on, as well as how grief evolves. I really enjoyed it and thought the character representation was stellar. I hope you do as well.


It's been five years since Feyi Adekola's husband was killed in a tragic accident. Since then, she has been living with her grief, working on her artwork and living with her best friend in a brownstone apartment in NYC. Feyi decides she is ready to dip her toes in the dating pond. She meets someone who seems perfect, until she meets his father and is instantly drawn to him. That attraction is instant and something Feyi hasn't felt since she lost her husband, but the fact this man is the father of the man she is dating might complicate things...

Mel's Thoughts:

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty was messy, complex and rich with character. Feyi is one of those characters that it is impossible not to love. She's strong, beautiful and secure, but when it comes to taking the plunge on her second chance of love her vulnerability shows. Her story is a far departure from The Death of Vivek Oji and Freshwater, but refreshingly so. There was longing, platonic love, death and grief, pain, resentment, and plenty of sexual tension and steam. I loved all of it and I am not a huge fan of romance, but this book is the kind of romance I go for. No cheesy dialogue or one-dimensional characters here. Feyi and Alim are complex and messy, but with an emotional maturity and advocacy for mental health that I appreciated.

I could easily see this book being adapted to film and I envisioned Tika Sumpter. (Maybe I have been watching too much of the Sonic series with my kids.... but she's so gorgeous and I envisioned her as I read Feyi's story. It honestly looks like her on the cover!)


4.5 stars

Favorite Quotes:

"And that's something I've learned in the years since, that there are so many different types of love, so many ways someone can stay committed to you, stay in your life even if y'all aren't together, you know? And none of these ways are more important than the other."

"It's like I found someone to be alone next to, even just for a little bit."

"That's how all this had started in the first place. Looking in places she shouldn't have been looking, wanting what she had no business wanting."

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