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You're Invited

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Well, this was a fun and wild ride. Who doesn’t love rich people acting messy? Rumors running amuck and reputations at stake. Add in some fun elements of Sir Lankan culture that add to the twists and you have yourself a fun read. (Pub date: August 9, 2022)


Set during a lavish Sri Lankan wedding, Amaya is surprised to be invited to her former best friend’s wedding after years of no contact after a falling out. The kicker? Her former BFF is marrying her ex-boyfriend. Amaya is floored and becomes obsessed with putting a stop to this wedding. As the weeklong ceremonies unfurl, the bride goes missing and an investigation into her potential murder is launched. Amaya is a suspect, but it seems like several of the wedding guests have a chip on their shoulder.


There’s a lot to like with this thriller that also makes it unique. The Sir Lanka setting is glamorous, beachy and full of pomp and circumstance. The elements of Sir Lankan culture added such an interesting context to the story. Reputations are easily destroyed by a single rumor and Sir Lankan women are under pressure to marry before they are “too old” which plays a major role in this book. I loved how the older generation were all about showing their wealth and spreading rumors. It had me questioning everyone and their motives.

I also enjoyed how the list of suspects was endless. The story is told from Amaya’s perspective, with elements of her backstory coming to light throughout the book. Eventually, the bride has a say, but the chapters are intermingled with investigative interview transcripts with wedding guests. It seems like everyone has a chip on their shoulder and I was constantly changing my mind on who I felt was to blame. This led to an ending twist that really did take me by surprise.

The one complaint I have is that there is a lot going on in this book. I mean, a lot. A ton of red herrings that throw you off from the main plotline, some in a good way and others that I felt were unnecessary. I do not want to give specifics so that I do not give any spoilers, but, in my opinion, some elements of Amaya’s backstory could have been left out.

Content/trigger warnings: self-harm, sexual assault


3.5 stars

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